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improvEQ offers interactive team building sessions using the principles of improv to explore strategies for transforming team dynamics and our mindset while having a stress-busting laugh in the process.

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build resilience, connection, & joy through playful games based in neuroscience

It's time to rethink the way you work. We have a unique opportunity to create a culture that is positive and collaborative. In our team building workshops, you and your team will learn to...

 Infuse the work environment with fun and positive energy

Manage change and the unknown more effectively

Solve problems and overcome obstacles together

 Develop trust with others and a sense of team community

teamwork can be tough:
but it doesn't have to stay that way.

ImprovEQ helps teams like yours...

"This was incredibly valuable for my team to not only gain some activities and skills that they can utilize in class, but also as an important reminder to be present and understand improv in the context of responding in your everyday life."

I liked that this combined both challenge and fun. The activities were something new, engaging, and could be easily applied in our workshops. Today was absolutely fantastic. Thanks again!

Paulette Greenhouse

  Program Manager
916 Ink

"Betsaida's style is approachable and playful while being deliberate and thought-provoking about the serious topics of diversity, equity, and belonging."

Betsaida provided team-building events for me with groups of clients and colleagues. I also had the pleasure of attending a few of her improv classes. It was a blast to let my hair down for a night while exploring how improv principles can benefit personally and professionally.

Jennifer Forester

Business Development Coach
C-Suite Solutions

how we get results:

Customized Workshops

Your team deserves a personalized experience. Give them a workshop that fits their unique needs. We don't do cookie cutter sessions. Instead, we first assess your needs and then design a session that will meet those outcomes.

Fun and Engaging

Interactive sessions with the right amount of humor. Laughter not only creates a sense of relief, but can also allow participants to look at a situation in a new and often amusing way and provides a safe and entertaining place for self-discovery and growth.

Adult Learning Principles

Designed with evidence-based science for adult learning, our exercises focus on acquiring new skills and changing behaviors. These exercises feel like playing games, but in reality, they're a serious way to get the job done.

Expert Facilitation

With a master facilitator ready to take on any challenge you’re in great hands. The facilitator sets the tone for a fun session, making every activity clear and its purpose meaningful. They create an inclusive space for all. Drawing even the most timid participant into the action.

"We received lots of positive feedback like, 'I haven’t laughed that much all week,' and 'We should do that again.'"

Thank you so much. We received lots of positive feedback like, “I haven’t laughed that much all week,” and “We should do that again.” Personally, I am a big believer in humor, comedy, and satire being antidotes to big world problems, so thank you for what you do.

Mary Yeko

  Associate Director of Institutional Giving
Western Center on Law & Poverty

"Everyone was having the best time, and it truly did relate back to skills in the workplace."

I LOVED this session! It was the most fun I had during Tech Expo. Everyone was having the best time, and it truly did relate back to skills in the workplace. I really appreciated how interactive this session was. Betsaida did a great job including discussion in between each improv exercise and relating it to our interactions at work.

Workshop Participant

Tech Expo 2018
Mead & Hunt

Meet your facilitator:
Betsaida LeBron

ImprovEQ founder Betsaida LeBron’s professional background combines psychology, management, her extensive experience as a facilitator, as well as her experience as an improviser and comedian.

Using her unique approach of pause. play. perform. Betsaida helps leaders and teams be more aware, more playful, and work more effectively by developing their emotional intelligence and thinking like an improviser.

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