Team Training​

Whether you need a half-day workshop or multi-day class, we create customized programs that fit your team's unique goals. We can focus on one aspect or combine any of the following topics:

Multi-level Communication Skills Training

Address communication issues within your team and how they communicate with external partners

Change Management

Learn how to embrace the unexpected and find opportunity to harness change

Diversity and Inclusion Training

Create a stronger workforce culture, finding common ground, strengthening trust, and increase awareness of the unique strengths that make each of your team members valuable

Leadership Training

Explore effective communication, decision-making, risk taking, and shared leadership

Team Building and Employee Engagement

Build team morale, trust, teamwork and collaboration through fun and interactive training sessions

Something Completely Different

Don't see what you want in the topics menu, reach out and tell us what you had in mind. Let's make it work!

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30 mins​

Emotional Intelligence through Positive Play​

ImprovEQ is a consulting/training organization that teaches how to apply the concepts of improvisational theater and emotional intelligence to the workplace. A huge amount of existing scientific research — from neurophysiology, developmental and cognitive psychology, to animal play behavior, and evolutionary and molecular biology – contains rich data on the value of play for learning. When we play, the stakes are low and we are having fun and more open to adopting new perspectives and making new connections.

ImprovEQ sessions are tailored to meet the unique interpersonal challenges of your team. We start with relatively simple and non-threatening warm-up exercises and build to more challenging opportunities for those who are ready. Through engaging workshops, training sessions and presentations, improvEQ applies the principles of improv performance to help individuals and teams adapt to the daily challenge of unscripted interpersonal communication.

Available to facilitate groups ranging from two to two hundred in the workplace, offsite or conference settings

Ditch the "death by PowerPoint" training and enjoy an exciting and memorable development experience 

Proven concept of applied improvisational training to address real-world business problems

One-on-one coaching available for leadership and communication skills