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You Just Need To Know How To Get Everyone On The Same Team.


We all know that collaboration and communication are necessary skills in the modern workplace. Yet we don't always know how to get everyone working together when personalities, styles or skills clash.


That's where improvEQ comes in!

"Better than a ropes course"

We use improvisational performance to teach teams to work better together through engaging workshops. If you are not familiar with improv as a business tool, this might seem like an odd idea... but it's actually a super fun and interactive way to gain some valuable soft-skills for business. Improv for business has become so beneficial that many MBA programs across the country have incorporated it into their teaching programs. 

The ImprovEQ Method is based on the Pause. Play. Perform. framework


How We Get Results

  • Play based learning for working professionals
  • Starting with relatively simple and non-threatening warmup exercises and building to more challenging opportunities for those who are ready
  • Designed with evidence-based science for adult learning brings each activity segment around full circle to uncover and align strategies for better performance in real-life situations
  • Interactive and innovative, not a boring lecture
  • Utilize humor to look at a situation in a new and often surprising ways
  • Harness the science of play with curated exercises that feel like playing games, but in actuality focus on acquiring skills and changing behaviors
  • Expert Facilitation draws even the most retiring participants into the action, providing a safe and entertaining place for self-discovery and growth


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Signature Team Trainings

Building Resilient Teams

Training Session

Interactive training that introduces the Pause, Play, Perform process to re-energize your team and create space for easy collaboration.

Building Belonging

Training Series

This 3-Part training series dives deeper into the Pause, Play, Perform process that fosters diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Each training session will help your team overcome the barriers to collaboration and move closer to operating like a well-oiled machine.

What People Are Saying

"Excellent and exhilarating session. Multiple goals were achieved including awareness of others, attentiveness, courage, and engagement."

Lola Ellis

Compliance Management

"Betsaida is wonderful because she is thoughtful and delivers information in a way that sticks and is practical. She creates a safe environment where everyone feels comfortable owning their insecurities as well as their successes."

Sara Aghamohammadi

Pediatric Critical Care

"Good team building experience with co-workers. Better than a ropes course. The instructor did a great job connecting improv elements and workplace experiences. The emotional intelligence was eye-opening."

Conference Attendee

Tech Expo 2018

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Meet Your Facilitator

Betsaida LeBron

ImprovEQ founder Betsaida LeBron’s professional background combines psychology, management, her extensive experience as a facilitator, as well as her experience as an improviser and comedian. Using her unique approach of Pause-Play-Perform, Betsaida helps leaders and teams be more aware, more playful, and work more effectively by developing their emotional intelligence and thinking like an improviser.

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