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The unconventional journey of improvEQ founder and facilitator Betsaida LeBron fuses her background in psychology and education with her performance experience as an improviser and comedian. Years ago she began parallel careers as a mental health advocate, traveling across California training various organizations in how to cultivate healthy workplaces, and also moonlighted in comedy.   


Throughout that process she discovered she had a knack for captivating audiences both onstage and offstage. Exploring how employees and employers can care for the mental and emotional health of staff she realized how effective laughter was in connecting people. Wanting to combine her passions for improv and helping people connect she began teaching and inspiring adults to (re)discover the notion they should and can have fun even when their work is serious.


Betsaida believes that something special happens when a group laughs together. To genuinely laugh you have to connect and have trust and understanding among the group. To connect with people we have to let our guard down and when we are more genuine and authentic we show our best selves and see the best in others. 

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