Leadership and Team Building

Learn improv and EQ skills that help your team work better together

What is improv?

Improv is a theatrical art-form where the characters, scenes, and dialogue are made up on the spot without pre-planning. Good improvisation is achieved by being in the moment, conquering fears and self-doubt, and working collaboratively in an accepting and supportive team environment.

While these skills are useful in a theater setting they are also applicable in our professional lives and pivotal in developing better leaders, highly functioning teams, and a workplace where creativity and innovation thrive.

Businesses benefit from improvisation principles. Many top-tier business schools currently teach improv classes including Duke, MIT, UCLA, and Stanford.

"Why Top Companies And MBA Programs Are Teaching Improv"
Fast Company


What is emotional intelligence?

Often referred to as emotional quotient or EQ, emotional intelligence is your ability to recognize emotions in yourself and others, manage your emotional reactions, empathize, and communicate more effectively.

Put simply, emotional intelligence is the way that you combine your thinking with your feelings in order to make quality decisions and build authentic relationships.

Your emotional intelligence is the foundation for a host of critical skills—it impacts most everything you do and say each day.

"Why You Need Emotional Intelligence to Succeed in Business"

Our Story

ImprovEQ founder shares our origin story and the mission that drives us.


What to Expect​

​We offer interactive, playful, thought-provoking training and coaching programs that build compassionate and emotionally intelligent teams.

We are not your typical corporate consultants.

Adults don’t like to be talked at, and that’s definitely not how we learn. We learn best when we’re doing and there’s room for making mistakes. Everything we do is interactive! We focus on learning through playing games. It may at times feel like an adult recess, but it’s actually meaningful learning.

Our Signature Programs


Improvised Leadership

Group Coaching Program to help you lead a Rockstar ensemble

Transformative program teaching you to implement the Pause. Play. Perform process. Unlocking your full leadership potential to be the kind of leader who attracts top talent, retains great employees, and empowers staff to play to their strengths.

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Building Belonging

Training Series

This 3-Part training series dives deeper into the Pause, Play, Perform process that fosters diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Each training session will help your team overcome the barriers to collaboration and move closer to operating like a well-oiled machine.

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Building Resilient Teams

Training Session

Interactive training that introduces the Pause, Play, Perform process to re-energize your team and create space for easy collaboration.

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