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You’re tired of second-guessing your leadership skills.

Am I becoming a micromanager? Is my communication style creating chaos? Am I not cut out to be in a leadership role?

You're overwhelmed with everything else on your plate.

If you have to stay late to finish someone else’s work ONE more time, you may have to look for a new job. ‘Cause you don’t have time for reassigning the same tasks each week.

It’s not like you to be a micromanager.

You KNOW your team has the potential to easily work together. You just need to know how to get everyone on the same team.

 Can you imagine finally leading a team that works like a well oiled machine? 


Improvised Leadership


A group coaching program to help you lead a rockstar ensemble.



7 Core Modules

Covering everything from growth mindset to feedback and communication.

Bonus Resources

Extra videos and downloads to ensure you have all the tools you need.

6 Live Coaching Calls

Monthly live coaching sessions to discuss all of your burning questions.

It’s time for you to be proud of your team culture.

It’s time for everyone to feel impactful and appreciated.


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Meet Your Instructor

Betsaida LeBron

I’m Betsaida LeBron, and I’m a team building expert. I work with managers and HR professionals who want inclusive, collaborative, and highly effective teams.

I’ve been a manager and know first hand the importance of building a strong team. I’ve also had managers both good and bad. In my last corporate position, I felt unappreciated. I had more energy and ideas than they could use. I wanted to be a part of a team where everyone was a contributor, communicated openly, and had fun doing the work.

I knew that I could help foster a community of emotionally intelligent leaders and help create a work world that was kinder, healthier, and more compassionate.

Now I teach managers and HR professionals to have more fun, build emotional intelligence, and create a positive work culture.

Because work doesn’t have to be joyless. We can have fun together and do things that matter.

It’s how we connect with each other towards a common goal and use our individual strengths to make it happen.

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Ready to finally say goodbye to frustration—and say hello to collaboration?