Virtual Session

Improv Happy Hour

Take a needed laughter break with your team!

No improv experience necessary.

Improv is all about collaboration and making your team/partner look good. 

Just come ready to have fun and support their teammates!  

Potential benefits of improv:

  • Strengthen your listening and communication skills

  • Become a more collaborative and flexible coworker, friend, partner, and human

  • Gain confidence and comfort with thinking on your feet  


About Improv Happy Hour:

  • The session is hosted via Zoom virtual meetings

  • ImprovEQ facilitates the session from beginning to end. Just show up and the rest is handled!

  • No improv experience necessary. All activities will be explained, broken down and connected to how the skills translate back to your team

  • The session is interactive via virtual video meeting

  • It's a low-pressure session and everything is optional

  • However, participation is continually encouraged


Once booked, you'll receive:

  • A confirmation email

  • An electronic invoice that must be paid before the delivery of the session

  • A unique Zoom meeting ID & password for your team's session

  • An invitation to forward to all team members to join with a brief description


Session Requirements:

  • Participants will need to use the zoom app

  • All participants will need to be on camera with a microphone (mobile devices work as well)