(Video) Tracy Jackson: Love & Leadership

Nov 03, 2021

A good leader knows that the most important thing is to understand their people.

Love is not just for couples. It is for everyone, including team leaders and managers. In this context, loving your team is about having a profound ability to connect to each team member on a personal level.

In this episode of "Managing in the Moment" Betsaida talks with Tracy Jackson about replacing the "command and control" way of leading with "Love & Leadership."

We explore the benefits of being a caring boss and how one can go from being just a manager to being a leader that inspires trust, confidence, and loyalty in every team member.

In turn, leading with love will contribute greatly to success.

About this week's guest:

Tracy Jackson is a seasoned executive business leader and HR Consultant, who’s worked across numerous industries. With over 20 years of business experience, her resume includes companies like State Farm, Apple, Cache Creek Casino Resort, Sleep Train/Mattress Firm, Golden 1 Credit Union and SAFE Credit Union.

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