(Video) Abigail Kidd: Recognition & Acknowledgment

Oct 20, 2021

Employees want be valued and appreciated by their managers and the company they work for.

A recent study showed that feeling valued is a top priority and a deciding factor for why most employees choose to either stay with their current employer or look for another job.

Managers have a unique opportunity to ensure their people know they are valued and recognized for their contributions.

In this week's episode Betsaida talks with Abigail Kidd, MBA, VP of Client Experience at Spark about the simple ways managers can recognize and acknowledge employees to ensure they feel valued.

Meet this week's guest:

Abigail Kidd is the VP of Client Experience at Sparck, an AI-driven platform that helps companies motivate and retain top talent with personalized recognition and engagement. She's committed to helping equip managers to "Sparck" employees with personalized recognition experiences.


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