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I’m an expert at bringing people together. 
I teach kindness and empathy through play, improv and storytelling.

I'm on a mission to cultivate a playful community of kind, brave and compassionate leaders.

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To genuinely laugh you have to connect with others and be brave enough to let your guard down. When you are playful you are more genuine, authentic and the best version of yourself and you'll start to see the best in others. Learn how to be more open, more playful, and push yourself outside of your comfort zone with Betsaida!

Team Building

Betsaida is the founder of training and consulting agency ImprovEQ.

Helping HR Professionals and Managers seeking to create inclusive, supportive and fun work cultures.

Speaking Engagements

Inspiring adults to (re)discover the notion they should and can have fun even when their work is serious.

Improv Workshops

Learn to think like an improviser in workshops designed to build flexibility, confidence and quick thinking.


Workshops that guide you to find, create, hone, and share your personal true stories with a live audience. 

Work with Betsaida

"Betsaida is wonderful because she is thoughtful and delivers information in a way that sticks and is practical. She creates a safe environment where everyone feels comfortable owning their insecurities as well as their successes."

-Sara Aghamohammadi
Work with Betsaida

You already have all the tools you need you just don't know it yet.

I help people get unstuck by connecting them to their playful side and helping them show up more authentically in all aspects of their life.

Improv Wisdom

Understanding "Pause. Play. Perform."

Feb 24, 2021

Do you know how to PLAY?

Feb 17, 2021

Personal Lessons Learned Onstage

Feb 10, 2021

You gotta be a little brave to have a lot of fun!

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