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As adults we have learned to keep our guard up. Growing up we each, in our own way, learned to protect ourselves from criticism and judgment. We have put on “armor”. Our unique experiences have shaped the armor that we’ve picked up. Your armor will not look the same as your neighbor’s, your friend’s, or mine.
The free playful and authentic self workbook will help you unpack your own armor and dive into the emotionally intelligent strategies we teach here at improvEQ so that you can live a more playful, fulfilling, authentic life.

meet ImprovEQ founder:
Betsaida LeBron

Betsaida LeBron combines her diverse background in psychology, workplace wellness, management, and improv performance to fuel her mission to coach emotionally intelligent leaders.


our method makes personal development fun.

Our signature framework Pause. Play. Perform. makes the learning process safe, entertaining, and insightful.

our method makes personal development fun

Our signature framework Pause. Play. Perform. makes the learning process safe, entertaining, and insightful.

We offer a variety of workshop trainings (both virtual and in-person) as well as leadership coaching. 

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