"PAUSE is a discipline, not a delay"

-Charles Fred CEO & author of "The 24-Hour Rule"

Pause to cultivate awareness


Although play is inherently fun, it is not enough to build meaningful teamwork and collaboration. ImprovEQ's unique method is in how we connect the application of improv principles to how your team works together. This is where the pause comes into play.  

Research shows active experiential approaches, like improvisation, are more effective in developing emotional intelligence (EQ) than lecture-based methods. ImprovEQ's expert facilitation ensures that participants pause and build awareness of themselves and others on their team. According to Daniel Goleman, author of the ground breaking book "Emotional Intelligence", awareness is a key component of EQ.   


"PLAY is the highest form of research."

-Albert Einstein

Play is a powerful tool


A huge amount of existing scientific research — from neurophysiology and developmental and cognitive psychology, to animal play behavior and evolutionary and molecular biology – contains rich data on the value of play for learning. When we play, the stakes are low and we can practice and reflect on how we would do things in future real-life situations, including at work. When we play, we are having fun and are more open to adopting new perspectives and making new connections.

ImprovEQ is a consulting/training organization that teaches how to apply the concepts of improvisational theater and emotional intelligence in the workplace. What makes our approach unique is we teach improv principles using thoughtful exercises that feel like playing games. Training sessions with improvEQ can feel like an adult recess, but in actuality the play is thoughtfully constructed to teach and highlight how to have an improv mindset. 


"It's very satisfying. To PERFORM the way you want to."

-Aretha Franklin

Perform better together


Developing an improv mindset equips leaders and teams to handle the unexpected and be better team players.  Once your team adopts the improv mindset, then it's time to put those skills into action and be the well-oiled machine your team was meant to be.

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More about the improvEQ method​

  • ImprovEQ sessions are customized to meet the unique interpersonal challenges facing your team. We start with relatively simple and non-threatening warm-up exercises and build to more challenging opportunities for those who are ready.

  • Every training session is designed with evidence-based methods for adult learners bringing each activity full circle to uncover and align strategies for better performance in real-life situations.

  • Expert facilitation that draws even the most hesitant participants into the action, providing a safe and entertaining place for self-discovery and growth.

  • Humor-infused content that produces psychological and physiological benefits that keeps participants engaged and builds camaraderie and rapport.​

Benefits of an improv mindset:

  • Fosters emotional intelligence (EQ)

  • Keeps you focused and concentrated under pressure

  • Cultivates adaptability

  • Builds trust and support with others 

  • Increases energy and prevents burnout

  • Helps you see problems in new ways

  • More effectively manage change and the unknown

  • Unleashes creativity and innovation

How we train the improv mindset​

ImprovEQ creates the right conditions for a shift in mindset through thoughtful exercises that feel like playing games. Scientific research shows that play is good for learning, especially in adults. When we play, we are having fun and are more open to seeing something new and making connections. Training sessions with improvEQ can feel like an adult recess, but in actuality the play is thoughtfully constructed to teach and highlight how to adopt an improv mindset. 


Comedians have long known that laughter can relieve stress, elevate the mood, and make an audience more receptive. Humor comes from looking at a situation in new and often surprising ways. We know that people are more open and willing when we're having fun together. 

Learn the Science behind our method


Meet Betsaida LeBron

ImprovEQ founder and facilitator Betsaida LeBron built her practice on a 14-year career that has combined psychology, education, management and improv performance.  

Betsaida has worked as a job coach helping adults with developmental disabilities gain and retain employment while serving as a liaison between her clients and employers.  She also served as director of the California Youth Crisis Line where she managed and trained a team of 40 people to effectively deal with high-crisis situations. Her professional background also includes director of California’s statewide training program, Workforce Integration Support and Education (WISE), where she developed and facilitated a curriculum to help people take active steps to integrate personal wellness into their professional lives.  Her experience also includes project management and outreach and diversity engagement in various positions.   

Betsaida is also a veteran improviser with over a decade of experience in performing, directing, and teaching improv. She began performing with ComedySportz and is an alum of the renowned iO-Chicago Improv Training Program and Bay Area Theatre Sports (BATS) in San Francisco. In 2011 she co-founded Blacktop Comedy Club in Rocklin, CA, and developed improv training curriculum and facilitated weekly community improv workshops. She has taught workshops at comedy festivals across the nation and held corporate improv training workshops for such clients as Pacific Gas & Electric, Mead & Hunt, Blue Shield, Sam’s Club, Sysco Foods, and the California Coalition for Youth.