Team Building that makes your team look forward to Monday

Work doesn’t have to be joyless.
We help you create inclusive, collaborative, highly effective teams that encourage a positive, fun, and emotionally intelligent work culture.

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Work like a ROCKSTAR ensemble! 

Imagine finally leading a team that works like a well oiled machine.
A team that communicates and problem-solves, that is proactive and brings you solutions and not just problems.

An effective and collaborative team is within reach!

Gain valuable “people skills” 

Our signature framework Pause. Play. Perform. makes the learning process safe, entertaining and insightful.

Bring fun to work 

Our trainings and coaching programs are infused with humor and expertly facilitated to draw out even the most hesitant participants.

Leadership and Team Building Skills


Our Method 

The best leaders can improvise

Being an effective leader for today’s world is more than barking orders and expecting subordinates to comply.
To get the best from your team, you have to tailor your approach to fit the situation.

The best teams can adapt

Change is hard. Whether we like it or not, change is inevitable. To succeed you need to be flexible and ready to react as a team.

Each member of the team is necessary and vital to determining your success.

All the tools you need to

  • Build trust and support within your team
  • Increase energy and prevent burnout
  • Unleash creativity and innovation
  • Cultivate a team of adaptable problem solvers
  • Build your emotional intelligence (EQ)
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Meet ImprovEQ Founder
Betsaida LeBron

With over 15 years experience teaching thousands to step outside of their comfort zone and put more play in their purpose. Betsaida guides leaders and teams to build inclusive, supportive, and fun work cultures. 

She combines her background in psychology, workplace wellness, management and improv performance. Her mission is to cultivate a community of emotionally intelligent leaders who think like improvisers.

Here's what others say about Betsaida and ImprovEQ

Sara Aghamohammadi

Pediatric Physician

"Betsaida is wonderful because she is thoughtful and delivers information in a way that sticks and is practical. She creates a safe environment where everyone feels comfortable owning their insecurities as well as their successes."

Razy Farook

Senior Manager, Accenture Strategy

"Thank you so much Betsaida for having worked with us the last couple months to shape the workshop for our team! Truly made an impact... and I sensed it helped us all collectively take another step forward together to becoming stronger allies!
Thank you so for helping us along in that journey!"

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