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improvEQ helps leaders and teams effectively adapt to the daily challenge of interpersonal communication in business

Businesses benefit from improvisation principles. Many top-tier business schools currently teach improv classes including Duke, MIT, UCLA, and Stanford.

"Why Top Companies And MBA Programs Are Teaching Improv"

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Develop the soft skills your team needs to succeed

In the modern workplace almost every factor of success relies on how you interact with other people. More than ever, soft skills — how we interact effectively and harmoniously with others — are a daily necessity at work. These "people-skills" ensure a productive, collaborative, empathetic, and healthy work environment that is vital to retaining great employees and standing out among competitors in the eyes of your clientele. 


ImprovEQ helps develop soft skills by applying the principles of improvisational performance. Through engaging workshops, training sessions and presentations we help individuals and teams adapt to the daily challenge of unscripted interpersonal communication. Our approach makes the process safe, entertaining and eye-opening, providing accessible connections between work and life situations for your team no matter their role or personality type.

How improv applies offstage

Improv is a theatrical art-form where the characters, scenes, and dialogue are made up on the spot without pre-planning. Good improvisation is achieved by being in the moment, conquering fears and self-doubt, and working collaboratively in an accepting and supportive team environment.


While these skills are useful in a theater setting they are also applicable in our professional lives and pivotal in developing better leaders, highly functioning teams, and a workplace where creativity and innovation thrive.

Benefits of an improv mindset:

  • Fosters Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

  • Keeps you focused and concentrated under pressure

  • Cultivates adaptability

  • Builds trust and support with others 

  • Increases energy and prevents burnout

  • Helps you see problems in new ways

  • More effectively manage change and the unknown

  • Unleashes creativity and innovation


"The improv class was surprising, as I had no idea what to expect going in. I think that could be a fantastic office event, as a team building exercise, and the instructor did a great job connecting improv elements and workplace experiences. The emotional intelligence was eye-opening."

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Learn by Playing​


Our sessions are tailored to your team’s unique needs. Our approach makes the process safe, entertaining and eye-opening, providing accessible connections between work and life situations inclusive of all organizational roles and personality types.

ImprovEQ creates the right conditions for a shift in mindset through thoughtful exercises that feel like playing games. The science shows that play is good for learning, especially in adults. When we play, we are having fun and are more open to seeing something new and making connections. Training sessions with improvEQ can feel like an adult recess, but in actuality the play is thoughtfully constructed to teach and highlight how to adopt an improv mindset. 

What you can expect ​

  • Free consultation

  • Customized training for your team

  • Evidence-based science in adult learning

  • Expert facilitation

  • Fun and Laughter

  • Rave reviews for ditching the "usual" training

Why you should consider contacting improvEQ 

You want to build a strong company culture

  • innovation and creativity

  • diversity and inclusion

  • culture of trust

  • shared leadership

  • storytelling for business


There are signs of poor workplace communication

  • conflicting goals and objectives

  • work overload

  • lack of teamwork

  • low morale

  • lack of enthusiasm 

Change management is needed

  • multiple staff changes

  • new leadership/management

  • want to foster innovation